Introducing the 10th Edition

Since the founding of the Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association in 1939, the TEMA Standards have been specified by industrial plants worldwide.

As the industry has changed, so has the TEMA Standards book.

The 10th Edition introduces numerous changes to the TEMA Standards, including:


  • “Line Element Method”, a one-dimensional FEA for Flexible Shell Elements (expansion joints)
  • Two-dimensional FEA for Flexible Shell Elements updated using language compatible with ASME code
  • Comprehensive Horizontal Saddle Supports section with full design recommendations and formulas for any known loading
  • Improved and expanded standard flange dimensional charts for ASME, German DIN and Japanese JIS flanges
  • Guidelines and Configuration of Distributor Belts
  • Fouling Mitigation Design Study
  • Guidelines for Expanded Tube to Tubesheet Joints
  • Collar Stud section with loading considerations and sketches of typical 1 piece and 2 piece collar stud designs for removable bundles
  • Incorporates ASME PCC-1 Recommendations for Bolted Joints


  • Updated International Material Chart
  • Updated Metric Bolting Data Chart
  • Updated Graphics and Charts to a Modernized and Standardized Format and Appearance
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